Couples Counseling

In doing couples work at New Journey Counseling there are a lot of dynamics that can go on in a session. As a result, we do not have one cookie cutter way of dealing with couples. We feel a one way approach can hinder meeting the needs of our couples. Couples Counseling can be a unique, tough, and/or enhancing experiencing. Sometimes the situation can become worse before it gets better. However, with the support of your therapist and other resources or support as needed, we will be with you every step of the way. Below are some highlighted major concepts we focus on and therapeutic skills used to assist you on your journey to a healthier you and relationship.



1. Respect each other ( without respect there is very limited to no communication taking place)

2. Communicate effectively ( ex: work on not arguing with the other persons perspective)

3. Acceptance ( This is huge)

4. Work on one problem at a time

5. Resolve your unresolved baggage from childhood or young adulthood that creeps into the marriage and cause problems ( understanding this concept from each person in the session determines when and if I decided to split my couples up, I do not always have to split my couples up).

6.Take Responsibility for your own actions and No blaming the other person

7. Learning how to agree to disagree and problem solve to identify the best solution for the situation

8. And much more...................


Therapeutic Skills:

1. CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Learning how to process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

2. Teach effective communication skills

3. Person Centered Approach ( I focus on the direction you as a couple would like to go in and guide)

4. Help with identifying healthy coping skills that work for your ( depending on how challenging the sessions are this may be done separately or in session)



The first two sessions are typically joint as your therapist is getting to know you all as a couple and the dynamics of the relationship. After that, the couple may or may not be separated. This decision depends on how the couple does with homework assignments and their willingness to work together. If we discover their is some much tension that one person or both need individual counseling, a referral will be made for individual work. This will allow the person to work on the aforementioned concepts more in depth with their counselor. Hopefully, this will allow the person to be more open and willing to listen and use skills during couples sessions. 

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