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Journey Courses

Can't find a Therapist?


Need some information to get you on the right track?


Don't have a lot of time!

Welp........Journey Courses may be for you!

Journey Courses are created to help you with basic tools to get you started on your new journey in life or to get you back on the peaceful journey your were on.

Examples of courses that will be offered are:

Coping Skills: Learn how to manage anxiety, depression and stress by simply reconnecting yourself with basic tools and strategies you can use daily and take with your anywhere! Oh... how we forget to use our 5 senses. 

The Power of "Minding My Business": We can start and stop something and overwhelm ourselves with things that " Are not our Business!" or that is simply out of our control. Boundary setting is so healthy; however, they work for our family and friends until we set our clear boundaries with them! 

Understanding and Managing the Process: We want to change things in our life. We can identify point A and point B; however, the IN-BETWEEN (The Process) causes us so much stress and angst.

AND MUCH MORE..............

Coming Soon!!

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