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We at New Journey Counseling see Individual Counseling as an experience. We are honored to assist you on your journey through a rough season in your life or to just help you enhance a stagnant season in your life. We believe in guiding you with making healthy decisions for your situation. When beginning counseling it is important to feel comfortable with your therapist. Therapy is not always an easy process. At times feelings, situations, relationships, etc. may become worse before they get better. However, with the assistance of your therapist and/or other resources needed you will reach your goal(s).

Your happiness is about your state of mind and your perception of how you want to view happiness. Whether it be a good or bad perception/experience it is your Choice! Our job is to see you as the expert, regarding you and your situation and to walk along side you on this journey. We want to encourage and empower you along the way to further improve your strengths and truths.

Ask your therapist about their background, areas of passion, and how they can help you. This can assist you in feeling more comfortable with the path you decide to take with us at New Journey Counseling.

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling includes and draws from Christian teachings. At New Journey Counseling therapists are warm, caring and non-judgmental. Christian Counseling is about helping you redeem the person you thought you lost through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God takes us from a broken state and restores us. Christian therapists can help you if you are stuck in your spiritual growth process that is affecting areas of your life negatively. Through healthy Christian Counseling you can find similarities between therapy and your home church regarding basic principles of the Word of God.



  • prayer is included in sessions as needed

  • understanding of challenges from a bible perspective to avoid/minimize feeling abnormal

  • strengthen relationship with God

  • God's Word is applied to life's challenges

Individual Counseling
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