Teen & Parent Counseling

Do you have an adolescent/teen you feel is out of control? Your adolescent/teen has said, " Mom or Dad you don't understand me". Is your adolescent/teen often mad at you and shutting you out of their life? We could go on and on with the challenges parents have with their children. Adolescent/Teen and Parent counseling focuses on the relationship between the parent(s) and their adolescent/teen. There are several different reasons and/or factors that has created tension in this relationship, however, the adolescent/teen and parent counselor is there to provide support for both parent(s) and child and will help them find healthy ways of improving their strained relationship.



  • importance of respecting each other

  • importance of healthy communication skills

  • learning to identifiy problemed areas and resolve them effectively 

  • improve parents role model skills

  • understand the importance of quality time with your adolsecent/teen 

  • learn how to encourage and empower your adolescent/teen for the future and academic success

  • strengthen relationship

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Tues.& Thurs.: 9am - 7pm

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